Never let your guard down.


in the walking dead tag it’s either a bobs burger joke or Caryl


"If it makes you feel any better, you taste much better than we thought you would."


Also another thing. He didn't carry Carol bridal style. He didnt have a choice, she was unconscious whereas he didn't really have to carry Beth. But hey he did.


yes he did and remind me again…
who did he run to and hug?
who did he go looking for twice?
who does he protect with every fiber of his being?
who did HE enfore their hold hold with?
oh yeah that who would be carol
caryl on bitch

It was a fucking piggy back.

You can’t compare a piggy back with that hug between carol and daryl. And also not to forget that he was with his head between her lovely boobs😁

Yeah, so caryl on bitches! Bethyl is meant to sail. Period.



Daryl & Carol | Blowing Shit Up

The couple that slays together….